1 . The delivery is subject to the weather conditions. Deliveries to vessels are permitted only from sunrise to sunset.

2. Overtime / additional surcharges, shall be covered by the buyers.

3. FINECOROIL retains ownership of all products delivered until full payment of the invoices shall be received from the client.

4. Any claim against product quality shall be reported within 7 days from the delivery date.

5. The agreed rates shall apply for two (2) days from the expected time of arrival of the ship, which is determined after the purchaser has been informed during the time of the order.

6. If buyers wish to appoint an inspector, they should inform the supplier at the time of the order without delay, in order to obtain their consent of this appointment, otherwise such an appointment will not be accepted.

7. The terms of the delivery of the goods are in accordance with MARPOL Annex VI.

8. All other terms of this agreement are subject to the usual terms and conditions of the suppliers, and buyers should inform us if they want a copy supplied to them.

9. Any errors or omissions or discrepancies should be reported immediately, otherwise the above-mentioned information is considered invalid