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Digital Signature from 21/4/2020

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We would like to inform you that our invoices from 21/04/2020 are digitally signed.

A digital signature is a mathematical system used to prove the authenticity of a digital message or document. A valid digital signature gives the recipient the certification that the message created belongs to the sender who signed it digitally and that it was not altered-tampered with during transport. Digital signatures use a combination of a hash function cryptographic function to create the summary (hash) in combination with asymmetric encryption for encryption / decryption of the summary (the combination of summary and encryption with proof of identity and its asymmetric encryption proves it) sender).

Digital signatures on digital documents are similar to the corresponding handwritten signatures on printed documents. When digital signatures are implemented - applied correctly, they are much more difficult to forge than the corresponding manuscripts. Also, the natural person who digitally signs the digital document cannot claim that he did not sign it (as long as the private key he used was not stolen). Some implementations of digital signatures also add the date of signing of the document, so that the private key is branched off, the digital signature is valid.

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Finecoroil Bunkering

Founded in 2001, Finecor Oil Bunkering is a physical supplier, specializing in the supply of Marine fuel oils , distillates and lubricants in all Greek Ports.

With an experience of almost 20 years in the industry and with a commitment to excellence , our team that is a blend of young , dynamic and responsible people ensures safe , efficient and high quality services.




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